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Jade rollers and Gua Sha stones are turning into a staple in the skincare routine of the modern woman. However, few know that its origins date all the way back to 7th-century China, where the Jade stone is referred to as the “Stone of Heaven”. Scraping and massaging your body with a Gua Sha is believed to stimulate blood flow by improving microcirculation within the soft tissue. The gentle upward strokes are also known to reducse muscle soarness and promote your body’s natural detox process through the lymphatic drainage. All of this is linked to minimized inflammation and thus decrease chronic joint and muscle pain. Gua Sha massages can be applied to the face as well as the entire body.


  • Made out of 100% natural jade stone
  • Smooth and elegant design
  • Easy to clean and does not store harmful bacteria thanks to non-porous surface


  • Improves the elasticity of your skin, thereby reducing wrinkles
  • Reduce inflamation
  • Stimulates the blood flow and lymphatic drainage, leading to a pronounced skin detox effect
  • Reduce muscle soarness and joint aches
  • Ensures fresh and radiant skin
  • Relaxes the facial musculature
  • Reduces the size of your pores
  • Improves the absorption of skin products
  • Sculpts the curvatures of the face, providing firmness and a lifting effect

Pro tip: Jade and quartz stones are naturally cold, but keeping your roller and Gua Sha in the fridge shortly before use will amplify their rejuvenating effects

Please note that the massage rollers and gua sha are made out of natural stone, thus each and every one is unique and may vary slightly in size and color

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100% Natural Jade Stone



4 reviews for Gua Sha (Jade)

  1. A***a

    Everything is fine, I took 2 scrapers-they were folded in “pockets” and wrapped securely.

  2. E***r

    It has come very well protected and I very much recommend it

  3. Customer

    i love it so much, i use it every shower with my face cleanser and it’s so smooth and glides really well. the shape is perfect

  4. A***a

    Delivery is fast, the stone is very smooth, well processed.

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